VII: The Looking Glass

From North American Confederacy
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JEFFERSON, THOMAS, b. 1743 C.E., d.50 A.L., 4th Pres., Old U.S., 44-50 A.L.; auth., Decl. of Ind., Rev. Art. of Confed.; philos., invent., coll. of T. Paine, A. Gallatin; hist. acknowl. respon. for slavery abolition (44 A.L.) which he pursued all his public life; wounded by assassin (35 A.L.) whom he killed, during anti-slavery speech; oppon. of A. Hamilton, Federalist “Constitution”; elected Pres., succ. E. Genêt Notable achiev. during term: Jefferson Doctrine outlining N. Amer. mil. and pol. isolationism while eliminating trade barriers and opposing Eur. imperialism in New World. Died in office, July 2, 50 A.L., succ. by V. Pres. J. Monroe. (SEE: Slavery; Metric System; Coinage; Calendar; Internal Combustion; & Forsyth Pistol.)

—Encyclopedia of North America

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