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  • ...of whom had been opposed to the new Constitution, began calling themselves Republicans in the Second United States Congress. It splintered in 1824 into the Jacks ...Britain, which was then at [[French Revolutionary Wars|war with France]]. Republicans saw France as more democratic after its revolution, while Britain represent
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  • ...trong base in the nation's cities and in New England. After the Democratic-Republicans, whose base was in the rural South, won the hard-fought [[United States pre ...created the Anti-Federalist faction. These men would eventually become the Republicans under Thomas Jefferson.<ref>Miller "''The Federalist Era 1789-1801''"</ref>
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  • |birth_place = [[Talbot County, Maryland]], U.S. ...n [[Hillsboro, Maryland|Hillsboro]]<ref name="Narrative" /> and [[Cordova, Maryland|Cordova]]. His birthplace was likely his grandmother's shack east of Tapper
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  • ...]] reviews the troops near [[Fort Cumberland (Maryland)|Fort Cumberland]], Maryland, before their march to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvan ...provided by the [[Governor (United States)|governors]] of [[Virginia]], [[Maryland]], [[New Jersey]], and [[Pennsylvania]], [[George Washington|Washington]] r
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  • Carolina would have done the same except for a series of crop failures. Maryland suffered from financial chaos and political infighting. New York and Pennsy 1797 and continued the policies of his administration. The Jeffersonian Republicans under took control of the Federal government in 1801 and the Federalists ne
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