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  • | alma_mater = [[Saint Petersburg State University#History|Petrograd State University]] ...plays at the age of eight and novels at the age of ten.<ref>{{cite episode|series=The Tomorrow Show|author=Tom Snyder|network=NBC|airdate=July 2, 1979}}</ref
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  • ...e-history-the-birth-of-frederick-douglass/| title = This Day is Resistance History: The Birth of Frederick Douglass| date =February 14, 2012}} "The publishing ...ybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong."<ref name=uniteQuote>{{Cite book
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  • ...with a class of seven.<ref name="Crowley: The First Hundred Years">{{cite book|last=McNeely|first=Dorothy B.|title=Crowley: The First Hundred Years|year=1 ...arlie Chaplin]], [[Jack London]], and [[Herbert Hoover]] were published in book form.
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  • ...n [[alternate history]] series of novels created by [[L. Neil Smith]]. The series includes the novel ''[[The Probability Broach]]'' and its sequels, and take ==History==
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  •"</ref> [[Mikhail Bakunin]]<ref>Tucker translated [[Mikhail Bakunin]]'s book ''[[God and the State]]'' [ ...his proudest accomplishment. Tucker also translated [[Mikhail Bakunin]]'s book ''[[God and the State]]''.<ref>[
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  • ...enforce the law or prosecute evaders.<ref>Slaughter, 117.</ref><ref>{{cite book |last=Gross|first=David M.|year=2014|title=99 Tactics of Successful Tax Res ...r|Tinker]]" threatened those who complied with the whiskey tax.<ref>{{cite book |last=Gross|first=David M.|year=2014|title=99 Tactics of Successful Tax Res
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  • ...eral times, and each time I felt myself slipping into a cause."<ref>{{cite book |title=Out of Step: The Autobiography of an Individualist |last=Chodorov |f ...the U.S. mails by the [[Woodrow Wilson|Wilson]] administration.<ref>{{cite book |title=The Betrayal of the American Right |last=Rothbard |first=Murray N. |
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  • '''Robert LeFevre''' (October 13, 1911 – May 13, 1986)<ref>{{cite book|last=LeFevre |first=Robert |title=A Way to Be Free, Volume One |publisher=P}}</ref> He and one Pearl Diehl wrote a book in 1940 of their experiences in the organization called "I AM"—America's
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  • September 1837 by deception, under a flag of truce,<ref>John K. Mahon, HISTORY OF THE SEMINOLE WAR 1835-1842, Second edition (Gainesville: University of F ...rican, and he fiercely opposed the enslavement of free peoples.<ref>{{cite book|last=Giddings|first=Joshua R.|title=The Exiles of Florida|year=1858|publish
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  • ...tten margin note of seven sentences to Bell's application that describe an alternate design similar to Gray's liquid microphone design.{{sfn|Evenson|2000|pp=92, ...tinued in business as The Telautograph Corporation for many years; after a series of mergers it was finally absorbed by [[Xerox]] in the 1990s. Gray's telaut
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