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  • during and after the Civil War. Douglass also actively supported [[women's suffrage]], and held several public offices. Without his approval, Dougla ===Women's rights===
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  • |title=Rose Wilder-Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand: Three Women Who Inspired the Modern Libertarian Movement ...s a writer in her own right, but also as a highly skilled editor for other writers. Before long, her photo and byline were running in the ''Bulletin'' daily,
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  • ...1869 that:<ref>{{cite book|last=Homestead|first=Melissa J.|title=American Women Authors and Literary Property, 1822-1869 |year=2005 |publisher=Cambridge Un ...Hearth and Home]]'' magazine, one of several new publications appealing to women; she departed after a year.<ref name="mott">Mott, Frank Luther. ''A History
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  • ...Sage of Baltimore", he is regarded as one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists of the first half of the twentieth century. As a scholar ...received; the only omissions were strictly personal letters received from women.
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  • ...decades earlier. [[Anti-Federalist Papers|The most notable Anti-federalist writers]] included [[Patrick Henry]] and [[George Mason]], who demanded a [[United *Kerber, Linda K. ''Women of the Republic: Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America'' (1979)
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