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A Brief Historical Outline of the Galactic Confederacy Compiled from the Encyclopedia of North America, TerraNovaCom Channel 485-A by Edward William Bear of Denver, with permission of the editors.

In 1796 C.E., with the revision of the Articles of Confederation again underway, Thomas Jefferson proposed a new calendar to mark Albert Gallatin's ascension to the presidency. Gallatin protested that the real Revolution was in 1776, that the Federalist period should be regarded as an aberration, and that commemorating, even by implication, the execution of George Washington might set a hideous precedent.

In its final form, the Jefferson-Gallatin compromise utilizes 1776 as its "Year Zero." Dates prior to the Declaration of Independence continue to be numbered as before, followed by "C.E." for "Christian Era" or where appropriate, "B.C."

100 Earth-years are equal to 116 Sodde Lydfan, 132 on Vespucci. Scholars are cautioned: ambiguities arise when cataloging events in alternate time-lines (apparently there is only one Confederacy, but many variants of the United States are known), on different planets, or where time-travel is suspected to have been involved.

c 3001 B.C.

Sumarian cuneiform writing invented. Reports of domestic dogs in Egypt. Yamagucci W523 exits main sequence. Lost Hamiltonian Colony established on Sca.

c 948 B.C.

Solomon builds Yahweh Temple, Jerusalem. Attica united by Athenian kings. Lost Hamiltonian Colony established on Obsidia.

c 499 B.C.

Pericles born. Tarquinesius Superbus defeated by Roman revolutionaries. Lost Hamiltonian Colony established on Vespucci.

c 159 B.C.

3rd Period of Chinese literature. Water clocks invented, Rome. Lost Hamiltonian Colony established on Hoand. On Sodde Lydfe, death of Martyred Trine begins recorded civilization.

345 C.E.

Following death of Constantine, Roman Empire begins to decay. On Sodde Lydfe, Neoned the Aggressor establishes Great Foddu.

1592 C.E.

Nobunaga period, Japan "gives up the gun". OMA 789 George Herbert hijacked by time bandits, Tokyo.

1732 C.E.

George Washington born, Virginia.

1743 C.E.

Thomas Jefferson born, Virginia.

1757 C.E.

Alexander Hamilton born, West Indies.

1761 C.E.

Albert Gallatin born, Switzerland.

0 A.L. (1776 C.E.)

Declaration of Independence (July 2) Revolution begins.

7 A.L. (1783 C.E.)

Treaty of Paris (September 3) Revolution ends.

11 A.L. (1787 C.E.)

Federalists under Hamilton, Jay, Madison, illegally adopt a new "Constitution" creating strong central government.

12 A.L. (1788 C.E.)

Ratification by 9th and last necessary state (New Hampshire)

13 A.L. (1789 C.E.)

Constitution in force. Hamilton Secretary of Treasury to George Washington.

15 A.L. (1791 C.E.)

Hamilton's Excise Tax passes. Angry Pennsylvania farmers rally at Brownsville for beginning of countercoup.

16 A.L. (1792 C.E.)

Pittsburgh Convention of anti-tax forces. Washington issues warning proclamation. Farmers tarring and feathering tax collectors.

18 A.L. (1794 C.E.)

15,000 federal troops ordered against farmers. Albert Gallatin joins rebellion. Washington shot in Philadelphia. Constitution declared null and void. Gallatin proclaimed President. Hamilton disappears.

19 A.L. (1795 C.E.)

Caretaker government organized. Gallatin declares general amnesty. All taxes repealed. Property and rights restored to Federalists and Tories.

20 A.L. (1796 C.E.)

Gallatin confirmed by Congress. Gallatin calls for neutral stance between England and France, humane Indian policies, and revision of Articles. Jefferson-Gallatin calendar adopted; 1776 C.E. now referred to as 0 A.L.

21 A.L. (1797 C.E.)

New Articles ratified with emphasis on civil and economic rights. Northwest "land certificates" liquidate war debts. Government otherwise forbidden to coin or print money.

24 A.L. (1800 C.E.)

Gallatin re-elected (second term). Jeffersonian weights and measures.

27 A.L. (1803 C.E.)

Gallatin and Monroe arrange Louisiana Purchase, borrowing money from private sources against value of land.

28 A.L. (1804 C.E.)

Gallatin re-elected (third term). Hamilton killed in Prussian duel. John Stevens invents steamboat.

30 A.L. (1806 C.E.)

England attempts to restrict shipping. Gallatin commissions privateers to defend American vessels.

31 A.L. (1807 C.E.)

French uphold American sea rights. Chesapeake drives off British war vessels. Alexander John Forsythe invents percussion system for firearms. English outlaw slave trade. Jefferson begins antislavery crusade.

32 A.L. (1808 C.E.)

Hundreds of British ships captured or sunk by American private navies, thousands of British seamen desert. First ocean-going steamship, Confederation (Stevens), sinks British warship. Gallatin re-elected (fourth term).

35 A.L. (1811 C.E.)

Jefferson wounded in assassination attempt, kills assailant.

36 A.L. (1812 C.E.)

Gallatin announces retirement. Edmond Genêt elected President.

37 A.L. (1813 C.E.)

Privateer's League lawsuit overthrows Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity.

38 A.L. (1814 C.E.)

Gallatin publishes Principles of Liberty, a systematic expansion on the philosophies of Paine and Jefferson.

39 A.L. (1815 C.E.)

Privateer Admiral Jean LaFitte publicly denounces slavery.

40 A.L. (1816 C.E.)

Genêt re-elected (second term), proposes abolition of slavery, repertory land grants to slaves in West.

41 A.L. (1817 C.E.)

Slavery abolished for children born after 44 A.L.

42 A.L. (1818 C.E.)

Gallatin publishes Rules of Reason, advocating non-binding vouluntarist legislature. In England, Guy Fawkes Day explosion of Parliament believed precipitated by Gallatin's works. British government falls.

43 A.L. (1819 C.E.)

Collier-Shaw percussion revolver. Patent system breaks down under Gallatin's criticism of government enforced monopolies.

44 A.L. (1820 C.E.)

Jefferson elected President. All slavery abolished. Jefferson publicly rejects offers Presidency for life, threatens resignation.

45 A.L. (1821 C.E.)

Mexico grants land to American settlers in Texas.

47 A.L. (1823 C.E.)

James Monroe drafts "Jefferson Doctrine": Political isolationism, elimination of trade barriers, moral support for colonies asserting "fundamental right to secede."

48 A.L. (1824 C.E.)

Jefferson re-elected (second term). Internal combustion engine. Mechanical calculators. Vespucci Republic established.

50 A.L. (1826 C.E.)

Jefferson dies in office. Monroe assumes Presidency.

52 A.L. (1828 C.E.)

Monroe elected.

54 A.L. (1830 C.E.)

First steam railroad (Philadelphia).

55 A.L. (1831 C.E.)

Monroe dies in office. John C. Calhoun assumes Presidency.

56 A.L. (1832 C.E.)

Calhoun elected. Nathan Turner first Negro Congressman. Britain experiments with Gallatinist legislative system. Calhoun's new Indian policy denounced by Gallatin.

57 A.L. (1833 C.E.)

Britain abolishes slavery, exempts Ireland. British government falls.

59 A.L. (1835 C.E.)

Samuel Colt's double-action revolver. Gold discovered in Georgia.

60 A.L. (1836 C.E.)

Gallatin comeback defeats Calhoun. Texicans declare independence. Santa Anna defeated at San Antonio

62 A.L. (1838 C.E.)

Phillip and Joseph Webley firearms manufactory, Birmingham, Alabama.

64 A.L. (1840 C.E.)

Gallatin retires again. Sequoyah Guess elected President.

65 A.L. (1841 C.E.)

Mexico declares war on old United States and Republic of Texas.

66 A.L. (1842 C.E.)

U.S. forces in Mexico. Sequoyah's "Reading" of Gallatin at Buena Vista causes massive Mexican desertions. Mexico City surrenders itself. Sequoyah felled by sniper. Osceola assumes Presidency.

68 A.L. (1844 C.E.)

Trapper Antonine Janis stakes claim at "Colona" on Cache la Poudre. Osceola elected.

69 A.L. (1845 C.E.)

John Browning Arms Company established, Nauvoo, Illinois.

70 A.L. (1846 C.E.)

Revolution in California. Hamiltonian "republic" claimed under "Emperor" Joshua Norton.

71 A.L. (1847 C.E.)

Self-contained cartridges for revolvers.

72 A.L. (1848 C.E.)

Gold discovered in California. Gallatinite uprisings throughout Europe. Jefferson Davis elected President.

73 A.L. (1849 C.E.)

Gallatinite revolution in Canada.

74 A.L. (1850 C.E.)

Gallatinite revolutions in Mexico and China.

75 A.L. (1851 C.E.)

News of pogroms against Gallatinists in California. Air conditioning. Lucille Gallegos born, San Antonio.

76 A.L. (1852 C.E.)

Albert Gallatin dies, mourning observed throughout the world. Rumors of celebration in Prussia and California. Gifford Swansea elected President.

79 A.L. (1855 C.E.)

First all-steel steamship crosses Atlantic.

80 A.L. (1856 C.E.)

Arthur Downing elected President.

81 A.L. (1857 C.E.)

Gallatinite revolt suppressed in India. British government falls.

82 A.L. (1858 C.E.)

Joint paper on evolution by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

83 A.L. (1859 C.E.)

John Provost, Antonine Janis, 2 brothers and their Indian wives form town company at Colona Downing dies in office. President Harriet Beecher advocates banning alcohol.

84 A.L. (1860 C.E.)

Lysander Spooner elected President. Gallatinite revolts in Italian states. Chinese Gallatinists overthrow Hamiltonians in California.

85 A.L. (1861 C.E.)

Great Northern Pacific Railway begins transcontinental operations, opens extensions into Republic of California.

86 A.L. (1862 C.E.)

Colona settlement renamed "Laporte".

88 A.L. (1864 C.E.)

Spooner re-elected (second term). Moray automatic pistol.

89 A.L. (1865 C.E.)

Actor John Wilkes Booth murdered by obscure Illinois lawyer.

90 A.L. (1866 C.E.)

Mexico and U.S. negotiate Confederation.

91 A.L. (1867 C.E.)

Elisha Gray invents telephone. Smokeless powder. Alaska purchased by Texas consortium.

92 A.L. (1868 C.E.)

Spooner re-elected (third term), proposes Gallatinist legislature in U.S. Telephone service established, Atlanta to Washington.

93 A.L. (1869 C.E.)

Litigation establishes women's vote. Gallatinist legislature adopted, Articles revised.

95 A.L. (1871 C.E.)

Great Chicago Fire: official explanation ridiculed in press. Predecessor to Griswold's Security founded. Brrr.

96 A.L. (1872 C.E.)

Spooner re-elected (fourth term).

99 A.L. (1875 C.E.)

Electric Street Railway (Chicago).

100 A.L. (1876 C.E.)

Centennial. Giant "Statue of Gallatin" erected in Lake Michigan. Spooner re-elected (fifth term).

101 A.L. (1877 C.E.)

Thorneycroft invents hovercraft. Alexander Graham Bell invents mechanical larynx for chimpanzees.

102 A.L. (1878 C.E.)

Manhattan "war" between private security companies.

103 A.L. (1879 C.E.)

Admiral/General William Lendrum Mitchell born in U.S. variants and Confederacy.

104 A.L. (1880 C.E.)

Spooner retires. Jean-Baptiste Huang elected President.

108 A.L. (1884 C.E.)

"Moving Pictures" popular, Chicago. Huang re-elected.

109 A.L. (1885 C.E.)

Canada joins U.S.-Mexico negotiations.

110 A.L. (1886 C.E.)

Geronimo, a Mexican national, becomes first congressman to represent others, but not himself. Wireless telephony. Simian suffrage.

112 A.L. (1888 C.E.)

Great Eastern Blizzard First electrically heated streets (Thomas Edison). Frederick Douglass elected President.

115 A.L. (1891 C.E.)

First transatlantic wireless relays betting on American horse races. Manfred von Richthofen (John Jay Madison) born, Silesia.

116 A.L. (1892 C.E.)

Benjamin Tucker elected President.

117 A.L. (1893 C.E.)

North American Confederacy includes Alaska, California, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Newfoundland, Old United States, and Texas. First heavier-than-air powered flight (Otto Lillienthal). British Gallatinists propose Confederation with North America. British government falls.

120 A.L. (1896 C.E.)

Tucker re-elected (second term). Dirigible invented. 122 A.L. (1898 C.E.)

Captain Forsyth born, Oklahoma City, N.A.C.

124 A.L. (1900 C.E.)

Capital moved to the center of the continent. Tucker re-elected (third term). Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax introduces "Mars" large-callibre automatic - Royal Navy report states "nobody who fired this pistol wanted to fire it again".

125 A.L. (1901 C.E.)

First transcontinental aeroplane flight.

127 A.L. (1903 C.E.)

Dirigible City of Akron flies non-stop, length of continent and return. First all-talking movie (Ragtime Dance) premiers, New Orleans.

128 A.L. (1904 C.E.)

Nicaragua Canal Tucker re-elected (fourth term)

130 A.L. (1906 C.E.)

San Francisco Earthquake, Fire, and Barbecue.

131 A.L. (1907 C.E.)

Marion Michael "Mike" Morrison, Confederate movie star, born.

132 A.L. (1908 C.E.)

Tucker re-elected (fifth term).

133 A.L. (1909 C.E.)

First transatlantic aeroplane flight. First transpacific dirigible flight. "Sydney Tea Party": all government officials thrown in harbor.

135 A.L. (1911 C.E.)

Geoffrey Couper, founder of NeoImperialist Party, born.

136 A.L. (1912 C.E.)

Albert Jay Nock elected President.

138 A.L. (1914 C.E.)

Prussia attacks bordering countries Continental congress declares neutrality. Confederate volunteers launch Thousand Airship Flight.

140 A.L. (1916 C.E.)

Nock re-elected (second term). Voltaire Malaise born, St. Joseph, N.A.C.

141 A.L. (1917 C.E.)

Robert Goddard's rockets decimate Prussian air squadrons. Revolt sparked by heavy broadcasting of Gallatin's works.

142 A.L. (1918 C.E.)

Influenza epidemic. Round-the-world dirigible flotilla dispenses experimental vaccine.

143 A.L. (1919 C.E.)

William Bear, father of Edward William Bear, born April 1, Denver/Saint Charles-Auraria.

144 A.L. (1920 C.E.)

Nock re-elected (third term)

146 A.L. (1922 C.E.)

Nuclear pile demonstrated (Chicago).

148 A.L. (1924 C.E.)

Nock re-elected (fourth term).

151 A.L. (1927 C.E.)

Television. Dolphin communications. Fission power plant (Chicago). Edna Cloud, mother of Edward William Bear, born, August 9, Los Angeles.

152 A.L. (1928 C.E.)

Cancer linked to malnutrition. Lasers. H.L. Mencken elected President.

153 A.L. (1929 C.E.)

Fusion power plant (Detroit). Ooloorie Eckickeck P'wheet born, somewhere in the Pacific ocean. Meep family restaurant chain. Heart-lung machine.

156 A.L. (1932 C.E.)

Jet aeroplane. Fusion powered dirigibles. Mencken re-elected. Olongo Featherstone-Haugh born.

157 A.L. (1933 C.E.)

Mencken assassinated. Continental Congress chooses Frank Chodorov successor. Cetaceans join Confederacy. Heart transplants.

160 A.L. (1936 C.E.)

Gallatinite revolution in Spain. Chodorov elected.

161 A.L. (1937 C.E.)

Artificial satellite launched, southern Mexico.

162 A.L. (1938 C.E.)

Altruistic Protective Enclave of Simians founded, Stanford.

163 A.L. (1939 C.E.)

Edward William Bear born, Saint Charles Town, N.A.C and Denver, U.S.A.

164 A.L. (1940 C.E.)

Rose Wilder elected President.

165 A.L. (1941 C.E.)

First simian in orbit reads works of Gallatin, plays chess with porpoises at Emperor Norton University (looses). Hamiltonian coup in Hawaii. 3-D television.

168 A.L. (1944 C.E.)

Wilder re-elected (second term). F.K. Bertram born, Boston.

169 A.L. (1945 C.E.)

U.S. atomic bomb destroys Nagasaki. Norrit Gregamer born.

170 A.L. (1946 C.E.)

T.W. "Will" Sanders born, U.S.A. Clarissa MacDougall Olsen born, Laporte N.A.C.

172 A.L. (1948 C.E.)

Wilder re-elected (third term). limb-regeneration demonstrated.

173 A.L. (1949 C.E.)

Lunar expedition establishes colony. Dardick open chamber magazine pistols. Laser pistol sites.

171 A.L. (1950 C.E.)

Jennifer Ann Noble (leader, U.S Propertarian Party) born, Ithaca, New York. Professional Protectives Ltd. formed.

176 A.L. (1952 C.E.)

Ayn Rand elected, becomes first President to travel to the Moon.

177 A.L. (1953 C.E.)

Gallatinist and Hamiltonian revolutions rock Africa.

178 A.L. (1954 C.E.)

Jennifer Anne Smythe born (stasis delay), Ithaca, N.A.C.

179 A.L. (1955 C.E.)

Eugene Guccione invents power cell.

180 A.L. (1956 C.E.)

Russians fire on Antarctican colonists. Continental Congress issues warning. Czar declares war. Rand re-elected (second term). elsewhere Communist Reformation begins.

181 A.L. (1957 C.E.)

Russians attack Alaska, aid Hamiltonians in Hawaii, invade Japan. Admiral Robert A. Heinlein wins decisively at Bering Straights. Russians suffer huge losses in Antarctica, Japan and Hawaii.

182 A.L. (1958 C.E.)

"Operation Sequoyah": heavy wireless and television, and tons of written propaganda employed against Russian homeland.

183 A.L. (1959 C.E.)

Lunar colonists beam continuous transmissions into Russia. Russian government collapses. Czar disappears.

184 A.L. (1960 C.E.)

Hamiltonians attempt a lunar coup, survivors are "spaced". Robert LeFevre elected President. Neova hovercraft and Securitech Ltd. founded.

186 A.L. (1962 C.E.)

Hirnschlag von Ochskahrt born in several variants.

188 A.L. (1964 C.E.)

LeFevre re-elected (second term). Paratronic Ltd. founded. Dora Jane Thorens born, San Francisco.

190 A.L. (1966 C.E.)

Francis W. Pololo born, Pine Barrens, N.A.C.

192 A.L. (1968 C.E.)

Mars colony, Coprates Canyon. NeoImperialist Party founded by Jeff Couper. "None of the Above" wins election.

194 A.L. (1970 C.E.)

Probability Broach discovered in search for faster-than-light drive.

195 A.L. (1961 C.E.)

In U.S., D. Nolan Fraser establishes Propertarian Party.

196 A.L. (1972 C.E.)

John Hospers elected President. Asteroid colonies established, terraforming of Ceres by Harriman, Taggart and Hill.

197 A.L. (1973 C.E.)

Cheyenne Power and Climate established. First stable Broach.

200 A.L. (1976 C.E.)

Bicentennial. Dissolutionist faction. Hospers re-elected.

201 A.L. (1977 C.E.)

Basset coils. First "large-sample" Broach.

202 A.L. (1978 C.E.)

John Jay Madison founds Hamiltonian Society, Laporte.

203 A.L. (1979 C.E.)

Hamiltonians loose final foothold in Uganda.

204 A.L. (1980 C.E.)

Hospers re-elected (third term). Dedication of Pellucidar Gardens, Ceres Central Extrasolar radio signals detected. Turner Vendicom established.

206 A.L. (1982 C.E.)

Koko Featherstone-Haugh born.

208 A.L. (1984 C.E.)

Jennifer A. Smythe elected President. In U.S., anti-abortion terrorists organize "Right to Life Action Squads." In U.S., Federal Security Police (SecPol) quietly established. In U.S., Sino-Russian confrontation results in visible damage to the Moon. Doranus & Dixon begins delivery of the Bren Ten.

210 A.L. (1986 C.E.)

First contact with human (Vaughn L. Meiss) on other side of Broach. G. Howell Nahuatl born.

211 A.L. (1987 C.E.)

Malaise begins feature series on asteroids. Agot Edmoot Mav born, Sodde Lydfe. First human travels through Broach (Edward "Win" Bear). Hamiltonian conspiracy. Seventh (and last) Continental Congress convened. Systematic Confederate subversion of U.S. begins.

212 A.L. (1988 C.E.)

Smythe re-elected (second term). Will Sanders arrives in Confederacy. "Smartsuits" first used in space exploration. Neural implants cephalopods give cetaceans "hands." Unicorns genetically constructed. Creation of Navigation Rock.

213 A.L. (1989 C.E.)

Malaise transfers news headquarters to Ceres Central.

214 A.L. (1990 C.E.)

D. Nolan Fraser elected mayor of Denver, U.S.A.

215 A.L. (1991 C.E.)

In U.S. variant, assassination of Blocky Yocks, collapse of Bell system.

216 A.L. (1992 C.E.)

Olongo Featherstone-Haugh first non-human Confederacy President.

217 A.L. (1993 C.E.)

Construction begins on Laporte Interworld Terminal. Hijacked OMA 789 George Herbert accidentally arrives in Confederacy. Mastodons cloned from frozen tissue. Plasma weapons.

220 A.L. (1996 C.E.)

Featherstone-Haugh re-elected (second term). Kidnapping of U.S women first noticed.

223 A.L. (1999 C.E.)

First nanoelectronic cortical implants in sapients. Tormount-Malaise conspiracy, secret Hamiltonian fleet escapes Solar System.

224 A.L. (2000 C.E.)

Nomad Cluster asteroid 9656 Bester strikes Venus, creating second asteroid belt. "None of the Above" wins Confederacy election. D. Nolan Fraser elected first Propertarian President in U.S. Lucille Olsen-Bear born, Laporte N.A.C.

225 A.L. (2001 C.E.)

Edwina Olsen-Bear first child born (on 1939 Chandler) in Venus Belt. Solar Confederacy. Quarkoptics.

228 A.L. (2004 C.E.)

"None of the Above" re-elected. Mymysiir Offe Woom born, Sodde Lydfe.

231 A.L. (2007 C.E.)

"None of the Above" elected "President for Life." In USA variant, Ochskahrt discovers time-travel, Ochskahrt Memorial Academy established, Tsiolkovsky, Luna. Enson Sermander born, Vespucci.

234 A.L. (2010 C.E.)

Construction begins on Tom- and Bobfleet, on the assumption faster-than-light drive will be discovered. Koman's viroid introduced into Confederacy.

247 A.L. (2023 C.E.)

MacDougall Olsen-Bear born, survey vessel Gordon Kahl.

248 A.L. (2024 C.E.)

YD-038 born, Vespucci.

250 A.L. (2026 C.E.)

Confederacy develops inertialess tachyon faster-than-light drive. First contact with Gunjj.

251 A.L. (2027 C.E.)

On Sodde Lydfe, Bucketeer-Inquirer Agot Edmoot Mav conducts his first murder investigation.

253 A.L. (2029 C.E.)

Tome Paine Maru (TPM) discovers first intelligent alien life (the lamviin of Sodde Lydfe). 11-D3 born, Vespucci. Lucille Olsen-Bear "killed" by savages, enters stasis.

258 A.L. (2034 C.E.)

Obsidia discovered.

267 A.L. (2043 C.E.)

Elsie Nahuatl born, Cody N.A.C.

272 A.L. (2048 C.E.)

"The Final War" ends, Vespucci.

276 A.L. (2052 C.E.)

Heller effect weapons. Tom Paine Maru discovers Vespucci, first lost Hamiltonian colony to redevelop faster-than-light technology.

299 A.L. (2075 C.E.)

Clarissa Olsen-Bear contracts mitochondriasis, is placed in stasis.

343 A.L. (2119 C.E.)

Win Bear awakes from stasis. Time-travel in Confederacy.

428 A.L. (2204 C.E.)

Bernard M. Guenblum born, Oklahoma City, Texas, U.S. variant.

445 A.L. (2221 C.E.)

Guenblum graduates from Ochskahrt Memorial Academy.

506 A.L. (2282 C.E.)

Ochskahrt Memorial Academy "discovers" intelligent life, region of Yamaguchi W523